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Okay but consider this: mermaids in space

Space mermaids? As in: alien mermaids that live in the vacuum of space and swim between the stars? A setting that uses the analogy of deep space as the open ocean but keeps all the sea monsters? DO WANT!!

Luring astronauts into black holes with a song that carries across the void where no one can hear you scream

Not audible song, though—maybe they sing in frequencies that ship’s sensors pick up—as distress beacons, as spaceports, as fleets. They would have to be huge, to travel between stars, massive space-black bodes with biolumescent patterns, photosynthesizing pure starlight into fuel, too enormous and frail to hold up in the atmosphere of a world. Fins that catch solar radiation instead of water, schools of them slingshotting between stars. Eggs laid in the tails of comets that warm and hatch as they rocket around suns. Voices that are heard in the slow radio pulses of quasars; language of half-light. Homes in the shelters of nebulae, like clownfish and sea anemone. They gather together star-stuff, shape solar systems like we build houses. Maybe, like certain breeds of lobsters, they never stop growing, so there are a few really ancient ones, star-eaters, curled up and sleeping in the warm glow of red suns, layered over with a crust of asteroids; so big passing ships assume they are young worlds, the slow thrum of their heartbeats like the pulsing of a binary system. Mermaids so large a fleet of ships is little more than krill; the universe is vast, and they live in the darkness between tiny islands of light.  

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I just saw the Mary Blair exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum and her beautiful work inspired me to sketch this


I just saw the Mary Blair exhibit at the Walt Disney Family Museum and her beautiful work inspired me to sketch this

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"xo" cover (feat. danielle’s drum solo + este being angelic)  // may 24, vancouver

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Photo | Liza Darwin


Photo | Liza Darwin


Alexei Kai photographs Paulina Singer. Havana, Cuba.


Alexei Kai photographs Paulina Singer. Havana, Cuba.

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one of the most heartbreaking scenes in harry potter was when harry found lily’s letter in sirius’s room and he is almost in tears over the fact that they made their g’s the same way

Danielle during Forever +

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laertes comes back from college with ten thousand annoying french affectations but he actually knows jack shit about french anything

"oh did i say bonjour again haha i keep forgetting that this is denmark desole OOPS THERE I GO AGAIN"
“i’m very particular about my cheese now. that’s how we are in france.”
“well, as the french say, je ne sai quoi. c’est la vie. napoleon bonaparte. baguette. eiffel tower. omelette du fromage.”